With the experience gained by the founding partners in more than forty years of business in the world of agriculture and seed in particular, SEMETICA is born with the aim of bring to market technological innovation in the seed sector, offering to its partners advanced solutions that look to the future without losing sight of the traditional values.

ITALIAN company with deep roots all over the national territory, SEMETICA has developed synergies with partners of primary importance in the international overview, in research and innovation of the main agronomic species such as cereal straw and fodders. Annual investments of more than € 50 million in basic research and testing provide to SEMETICA the innovation required to obtain the best productive performances combined with excellent product quality, that in the actual business is an indispensable condition to meet and combine the requirements of industry processing, market and manufacturer.
Industrial partners of major importance, distributed throughout the country, selected on the basis of essential criteria of quality, ethics and professionalism, guarantee, in an expanded scale, the production of seed with high technological value, which is the basic guarantee for an optimum economic result of the agricultural activity.

The synergy between an high-profile research and reliable and effective industrial partners, combined with a different way of thinking and put itself on the market, ensure that SEMETICA is a reference point in more than five hundred stores in Italy and abroad. The great experience, combined with the attention and care for details that the company puts in the seedable work, makes SEMETICA a reference point for leading international companies in the field of propagation and seed production.